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Switzerland exported close to 18% more arms over the first nine months of 2018 than it did in the first nine months of 2017, according to figures published by State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO). According to the numbers, in the nine months to 30 September 2018, Swiss companies exported
Swiss Army contro Swiss Army Knife, battaglia tutta Svizzera Una battaglia tutta svizzera: Swiss Army versus Swiss Army Knife Zur Rose-Tochter muss im Streit um Apothekenautomaten vor Oberlandesgericht
Swiss Rail announced on Thursday that it would test free WiFi, named FreeSurf, on certain routes next year with a plan to extend the offer to all major routes from 2020, according to RTS. Train passengers benefiting from the tests in 2019 will be those travelling on InterCity trains between
Wegen häuslicher Gewalt: Ehemaliger "Free Willy"-Star verhaftet Jason James Richter: "Free Willy"-Star gewalttätig geworden? SBB to introduce free internet from 2019
In campaign entitled: Stop overdressing, the organisation Greenpeace is criticizing Swiss supermarkets for their widespread use of plastic packaging. Protesters, who assembled outside the headquarters of the supermarket Migros in Zurich on Tuesday, proclaimed that fruit and vegetables come in natural packaging and that wrapping them in plastic is a
Workshop of the long- and short - knives Plastic becoming too expensive to recycle, councils say, as giant waste mountain is discovered Global Plastic Additive Market to 2023 - Market is Projected to Reach $ 56.7 Billion
Vaud’s government announced the canton’s ban on street begging will begin on 1 November 2018, according to the newspaper Le Matin. From this date, anyone caught begging in the canton will risk fines of CHF 50 to CHF 100. Anyone organizing dependents or people under 18 to beg will face
Ban fireworks, says chief constable who insists he's no 'party pooper' Vaud - Fribourg: Un monstre de 68 m sur les routes romandes LG Chem Supports Start-ups with New and Exciting Battery Technology
Four years after a reckless life-threatening trip through Switzerland’s Gotthard tunnel, a German speeder was finally put behind bars in Germany on Tuesday. The police went and collected him from his home in Stuttgart, according to the newspaper Le Matin. The judge had tried to convince the 44 year-old to
Bus bleibt in Tunnel stecken Tunnel durch das Gäu soll A1-Ausbau akzeptabler machen Emmanuel Macron finally announces reshuffle in bid to reverse plummeting political fortunes
19 October 2018. By Neptune CAPHARNAUM **** (vo Arabic) Lebanon: a sweet, hard-working little boy (looking much smaller than his age) among far too many poor siblings; his dearest underaged sister bartered off in exchange for their miserable apartment; the strange world of a dilapidated amusement park; a scared African
Wegen häuslicher Gewalt - „Free Willy“-Star Jason Richter landet im Knast In arrivo un nuovo film di Niccolò Castelli Former Mrs. USA to Act as Liaison for Florida Premiere of Film, 'Miss Arizona'
Swiss healthcare costs of 12.2% of GDP are the world’s second highest after the United States where healthcare consumes 17.1% of GDP, according to 2016 figures presented by the Federal Statistical Office on 18 October 2018.   Switzerland spent CHF 80.5 billion on healthcare in 2016, the latest figures reveal.
Opaque political financing blights Swiss democracy rating CFOs can purchase Healthcare Services like everything else in their company, a Strategic Healthplan Consulting news release Swiss Army contro Swiss Army Knife, battaglia tutta Svizzera
Across all of Switzerland, 17.3% of Swiss over 15 have more than one nationality. However in Geneva, the figure (45.0%) is close to half. No other Swiss canton comes close. The next highest are Ticino (29.2%), Vaud (27.6%) and Neuchâtel (26.7%). The German-speaking cantons of Basel-City (23.8%), Zurich (20.5%) and
ICO portfolio is down by 66% in the first half of 2018, according to EY study Swiss Army contro Swiss Army Knife, battaglia tutta Svizzera Una battaglia tutta svizzera: Swiss Army versus Swiss Army Knife

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